Female Chemistry: Great Women of STEM (Series 1)

The Nova Scotia Nine: Great Women of Nova Scotia (RBC National Art Collection)

Portrait collections capturing Innovators - and their powerful stories.

Jo Napier blends research and art to create powerful, contemporary portraits for corporations, private collectors and public audiences.

Clients & Collections:

The Royal Bank of Canada and Dalhousie School of Medicine believe in the power of art to enrich our lives and enhance our communities. Read more about my most recent portrait collection of medical innovators here. Or find out about my Great Women of Nova Scotia: The Nova Scotia Nine (NS9) portrait collection - acquired by RBC for their National Art Collection - here. The NS9 collections captures social leaders, innovators and athletes who accomplished great things on Nova Scotia soil; they broke old barriers, built new bridges and paved new paths - female pioneers whose unique contributions to Nova Scotia – and Canadian history – are not well known. They are on view now at RBC Dominion Securities boardroom in Purdy’s Wharf, Halifax.

My new portrait collections honor Great Women of STEM; unsung female innovators in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. This Is Women’s Work:

  • Winning Nobel Prizes – for medicine, chemistry, physics - while raising a family.
  • Solving the structure of penicillin - while cooking dinner for 3 children, a husband and managing chronic rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Becoming medical heroes.
  • Co-discovering nuclear fission.
  • Finding a treatment for leprosy.
  • Co-creating the drugs that treat AIDS and malaria and childhood leukemia.
  • “Saving” America’s space program (by co-creating “hydyne” – the rocket fuel that helped power Explorer 1 into space and history - without the benefit of a college degree).

The list goes on.

- Jo Napier