Female Chemistry: Great Women of STEM (Series 1)

The Nova Scotia Nine: Great Women of Nova Scotia (RBC National Art Collection)

Portrait collections capturing Innovators - and their powerful stories.

Jo Napier blends research and art to create powerful, contemporary portraits for corporations, private collectors and public audiences.

Clients & Collections:

Companies like RBC believe in the power of art to enrich our lives and enhance our communities. My portrait collection - Great Women of Nova Scotia: The Nova Scotia Nine - was acquired by the Royal Bank of Canada for their National Art Collection. It captures social leaders, innovators and athletes who accomplished great things on Nova Scotia soil; they broke old barriers, built new bridges and paved new paths - female pioneers whose unique contributions to Nova Scotia – and Canadian history – are not well known. They are on view now at RBC Dominion Securities boardroom in Purdy’s Wharf, Halifax.

My new portrait collections honor Great Women of STEM; unsung female innovators in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. This Is Women’s Work:

  • Winning Nobel Prizes – for medicine, chemistry, physics - while raising a family.
  • Solving the structure of penicillin - while cooking dinner for 3 children, a husband and managing chronic rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Becoming medical heroes.
  • Co-discovering nuclear fission.
  • Finding a treatment for leprosy.
  • Co-creating the drugs that treat AIDS and malaria and childhood leukemia.
  • “Saving” America’s space program (by co-creating “hydyne” – the rocket fuel that helped power Explorer 1 into space and history - without the benefit of a college degree).

The list goes on.

- Jo Napier